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Our technology is way more modern as we realize, and in joint ventures our countries are putting a lot of stuff in our sky, in the atmosphere and the stratosphere.

It seems these days that every thing invented gets weaponized, and used for unknown purposes. We humans love this stuff as it is practical for us and fun too, but I think we have to be careful for the next steps they are taking.

The space fence (we seem in prison between the earth and the cosmos, cutting us off from source) they are making gets larger and larger, the 5G rays (yes our mobile phones and wifi gets faster, but the prize we pay could be horrific!) that will be bombarding us, all the smart machines in house and office, that will interact with our electro-magnetic human fields and make us sick.  All dangerous stuff!


Do you want to live in this?

Elana Freeland is a superb researcher and her interviews are always rich in new information. This time she is so clear, so to the point, that many who are not well informed about all this stuff can understand the topic pretty well.

Start for her interview at minute 25!!!!

her website:

Richie Allen is a very good reporter, a radio guy, doing great shows with interesting people.

His YouTube Channel:



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Coach, Autorin, Weltbummlerin und spirituelle Lehrerin. Carolina hat über 25 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich „Bewusstsein und Heilung“. Sie ist ein Querdenker, kreativ, kann begeistern und leitet Gruppen seit 1991.
Sie unterstützt Menschen ihre Ängste und Unsicherheiten zu überwinden, ihre Lebensaufgabe zu entdecken und ihren Traum zu folgen, damit sie die Welt zu einem besseren Ort machen.
Carolina liebt Weltreisen, alleine oder mit Gruppen. Sie genießt das einfache Leben, in der Natur sein und die Begegnung mit interessanten Menschen, die sie weltweit kennenlernt.

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