Mark Steele movement in UK

Frank Clegg was Microsoft Canada President on 5G




World emergency Appeal


5G Appeal to United Nations (PACE):


Experiment Holland


Frank Glegg – an industry perspective on EMF´s


Witness of 5G-type scanner machine:

EHS symptoms including cancer, and burnt from the inside:

5G crisis:

5G poster:

  • 5G Flyer (Digital Survivor UK, March 2019)

5G video:

5G appears illegal on three grounds:

1. 5G is a breach of the Nuremberg Code, which requires informed consent (UN, 1950).

2. The United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, article 7, prohibits medical and scientific experimentation without consent. The ICNIRP chair, Dr E van Rongen, has stated of 5G that “It is not set up as a public health experiment but of course you can consider it as such.”  (Margi Murphy: Sunday Telegraph, March 3 2019)

3. Under many government requirements, e.g. EU law, a Strategic Environmental Assessment should have been carried out before the implementation of the 5G Wireless Network Technology was authorised. These are still awaited.

5G Appeal to United Nations (PACE):

5G crisis:

Phased array, directed energy:
The 5G transmitters allowed by the FCC use phased array and directed energy, giving an effective radiated power of up to 30,000 watts per 100 MHz of spectrum. Telecom companies could buy up to 3 GHz of contiguous spectrum and then emit up to 900,000 watts. 

Brillouin precursors:

These 5G waves and their re-radiated quasi-static Brillouin precursors, first described by Léon Brillouin in 1914, radiate far into the human body causing severe adverse health effects. The group velocity approximation assumes that the carrier wave dominates when radiation enters lossy material, like water and human tissue. In fact the Brillouin precursors, according to  Professor Kurt Oughstun, can become the dominant factor on cell membranes, where under Brillouin calculations, using asymptotic mathematical analysis, the radiation at 50 cm deep in human brain tissue is 78 times stronger than under group velocity approximation theory. The signal can be reflected inside the skull and has been associated with brain tumors, along with a rise in breast cancer incidence recorded near phased array radar stations. Dr Oughstun commented in 2002 on secret USAF studies: ” these results raise several health and safety issues that the USAF is unable—or perhaps even unwilling—to address at this time. To be sure, our current safety standards for exposure to pulsed electromagnetic radiation have failed to consider these critical factors.”

​This deployment of 5G radiation could herald the end of city and downtown life as we know it.

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