Cosmic Talk – How Ancient Peru & Tiwanaku Take Us On A Journey Into Cosmic Events

During trips I often give talks and presentations. Sometimes a scientist/archaeologist comes with us to explain and show things we normally would not see and get to know. Here is a presentation from during a group trip in Peru and Bolivia about how the ancient ones saw the sky, the planets and our cosmic realms and its connection with South America. Below you find the link to one of my powerpoint presentations (no talk, as they are not recorded)

Hidden History Discovered in Ancient Architecture – Our Past is Not What You have Been Told

October 2023 I joined the Game Changers Channel to talk about ancient Power Places, about all the wonderful things that happen while we travel with groups through Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Tahiti, New Zealand, Hawaii, Egypt etc. So much is hidden from us, so many statues and ancient treasures are kept away from the public. I always invite local scientists, archeologists, indigenous guides and tribe Elders to join us on the tours, so we learn about all these hidden informations. Below you find our online talk.

Peru & Bolivia Tour 2024