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Are you, like most of us, saying to yourself at the end of each year “In January I start to…..”?

2024 seems to me like we have come to the last minutes of our time to change anything, it is indeed already 2 minutes before 12 am. But if you wish to change anything, you first have to know what is going on, what is this “thing” before you can start giving it attention and awareness and your intent.

I am preparing a 5 videos series to walk you through what is going on in our own personal electric auric biofields, which is having a huge impact on our health, our mood, our thoughts and also our fitness and “feeling often to tired to realize anything”.

I will send out the video in a appropriate sequence so you have time to research, to integrate and to reset thoughts, emotions, feelings, habits and things  and people in your environment. You can pre-sign up here

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