One day the people of Cherán had enough of the police, the government, the murders, the druglords, the for them negative laws and rules and they kicked-out them all.

In this video they show how for the third time they start the voting process in a very honest and democratic way. You can find several videos on youtube or other channels. 

On Sunday May 27th, 2018 the indigenous Purépecha municipality of Cherán Michoacán named its third council of elders (Consejo Mayor, Cosejo de Keris) to the communal government of their community. Cherán has been practicing a traditional form of self government for 7 years. Earlier this year, on April 15th, 2018 the community celebrated the 7 year anniversary of the it’s uprising against what they all call today: The narco government.

Video from 
TV Cherán

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