Years ago I was following the people that tried to resolve the Cicada 3301 Puzzle, which was way over my head, but it was really exiting hearing people talk about it in videos and audios. Since that time Thomas Schoenberger is one of my favorite musicians, music componist, as he is very good and intriging, always going deeper than anyone else.

A little later I started to follow Aim4truth and often posted them info, but once Tyla was so mean answering I stopped. But still love them, no worries. They partnered with Michael McKibben who I absolutely love for his wisdom, knowledge and integrity that pops-up in all he does and says. His company Leader Technologies invented principal codes for making social networking possible but got stolen from him.

I made some videos about the

Q movement   …I look for it in my channel, but Youtube deleted it. Must look in my back-ups

The spear of destiny

the music from Thomas Schoenberger


I share their News Post from today with you here….

You cats remember that time we were Q? This was the time that Thomas Schoenberger was running the Cicada 3301 game/puzzle called Q. They were looking for the smartest people in the world to help them defeat the “Deep State.”

We had just finished our Gospel of Sophia trilogy and Tyla (me) was getting bored while Douglas was working on his next two titles – The Eternal Curriculum and Eternal Ethers. I started spending time going through alternative media to see what was out there besides Alex Jones, and stumbled upon this group called Cicada 3301 and saw their puzzle challenge. Bonus was that the winners of the challenge would get to hold the “Spear of Destiny” (another story for another day -wink.)

Well, y’all knowing now that I am married to one smart guy. I kept nudging Douglas to try out the puzzle. He didn’t want any part of it, but eventually he did and “solved” the puzzle. In the process of getting to know Thomas, we met others in the puzzle group who began using our material that we were posting as The Anonymous Patriots, later the American Intelligence Media. They called them messages from”Q”. Once they started using our material and were getting phenomenal results, rogue groups came in, one after another, to infiltrate and eventually control the group as a limited hangout psyop.

We knew our mission and recognized our calling at that point. The huge growth of “Q’” showed us that people were thirsting for knowledge and truth. Being lifelong teachers, we knew what the power of a good education could do for the human soul. We transformed into AIMCats and here we are today in a global truth movement that is truly grassroots and on fire.

Now, here we are today and we are ready to ACTIVATE the next part of THE PLAN. We had to wait until the right time to implement it, and we are calling on all cats to get the message through your downlines. If you have been following our recent Gab posts, you will know what we are doing in the social media sphere to create awareness about key current events.


read the whole News Post by AIMCATS here: