Sophia Musik – youtube
Dec 11, 2023

The digital creator of this amazing video could use a little help if you can PayPal him. Arturo’s website is here. Thank you. Everything in nature, in its rocks, valleys, trees, and living creatures exist in relation to each other and within and without one another. Everything returns to its own womb. Inside of us, born at the root, are oceans which have surged and then dried up and will surge again. The gates of hell have been opened, and demons are now in turmoil, knowing what they fear most is emerging. Creation date 2018. Composer Thomas Schoenberger Arranger Costas Christadoulou Digital Creator Arturo Tafoya Romo. Special thanks to Lisa Clapier for her artistic collaboration.

Interview Arturo Tafoya Romo

Apr 26, 2023

Maybe you’ve heard of Cicada 3301. If not its a mysterious and highly secretive organization that emerged in 2012 and over several years posted on various internet forums and websites, puzzled that induced steganography, cryptography and other forms of esoteric knowledge. Some believed it to be a recruitment tool for highly skilled linguists, computer programmers, cryto-graphers. The puzzles led participants on a months-long scavenger hunt around the world, with clues hidden in various locations such as books, music, and artwork. Those who successfully completed the puzzles were believed to have been contacted by Cicada 3301 and offered the opportunity to join the organization, although the true nature and purpose of the group remain unknown. Cicada 3301 has been the subject of much speculation and investigation over the years, with some suggesting it may be a government agency, a private organization, or even an elaborate prank or social experiment. However, the true identity and intentions of Cicada 3301 remain shrouded in mystery. I however had the pleasure of speaking with artist and researcher Arturo Tafoya who was recruited to create art assets for Cicada 3301 and was engaged actively with a group that ultimately was likely a splinter faction of Cicada 3301 in 2017. We spoke in detail about his experience, the current state of Cicada, disinformation, psychological operations, hyperstition , QAnon, other internet lore and ultimately sense making. Arturo is currently working on a book and a documentary. His art was used in a VICE and HBO documentary on QAnon and I thought this was a good discussion and introduction to a complex information world. Hopefully you can take his advise to remain emotionally disconnected in your own sense making. Researcher and Artist Arturo Tafoya He archives videos or on Youtube Transcript @