Das elektrische Universum – die Donnerblitze der Götter! Immanuel Velikovsky wrote many books about this, but was until recently not recognized by the science community. ThunderboltsProject shares wonderful videos about the electric universe and the wonders of our planet,  as part of ALL THERE IS.

The Thunderbolts Project is an organization of scientists, historians, and researchers who work on a wide range of issues related to the Electric Universe. The Thunderbolts Podcast features interviews with prominent figures in plasma physics, mythology, biology, and other fields of interest related to the organization’s goal of furthering our understanding of both science and history.

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The full version of this popular documentary film “Thunderbolts of the Gods,” which helped to introduce the world to the Electric Universe in 2006.

Thunderbolt Project Acast:https://www.acast.com/thethunderboltsprojectpodcast

Electric Universe (Wal Thornhill): http://www.holoscience.com/wp/

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