Jeder ist krank, Grippe, Erkältung…… angesteckt von Anderen. Vielleicht kannst Du statt chemische Hustensäfte Ananassaft ausprobieren? Ich ziehe immer natürliche Produkte chemische vor. Es ist so viel gesünder und helfen oft ohne Nebenwirkungen soooooviel besser. 


Artikel in Natural News

June 09, 2016 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) What if there was something sweet and natural available right in the produce aisle of the grocery store that could eradicate mucus and cough five times faster than nasty cough syrup?

What if this hidden food-medicine could improve the immune system, instead of making you irritable, groggy and unable to quickly recover from sickness?

Doctors may not prescribe it, but it’s still a timeless remedy to help improve digestion, reduce inflammation and dispel mucus and cough. It’s called bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples.

Natural enzyme bromelain soothes cough five times faster than cough syrup

Bromelain improves digestion, helping the body utilize nutrients in the pineapple and in other foods. By reducing inflammation in the body, pineapple juice helps a sick body quickly overcome a cough, because the cough is made more productive, helping to expel mucus. A cough and mucus don’t have to be a nagging burden for days or even weeks. Under the influence of bromelain and other natural anti-inflammatory substances (such as ginger and turmeric), a cough serves its rightful purpose and quickly dissipates.