Has the film stopped in 2020? Torn tape? The illusion explodes. We hope that everything will be okay, but will it be okay?

I’m at the end of week three of house arrest. As a writer, I’m used to being alone for long periods. So that’s okay. But are you?

Social detachment is inhumane, we need hugs, togetherness, love, contact and to be funny together. I wonder if there won’t be more victims of this isolation than of the virus itself. Walking with my dog Blu plus 2 other people is something like “borderline terrorism”.

When I tune in to all this chaos, I feel that many viruses are active in the global energy field:
F-virus = fear (makes you sick, insecure, stress is bad for the immune system)
S-Virus = SARS Covid_19 S (does not make you too sick)
L-Virus = SARS Covid_19 L (makes you really sick and is dangerous)
SD-Virus = social distance, “You are a danger for me” ( people become fanatical )
Researchers also discuss other corona combinations with Ebola, swine flu and Botzinger syndrome (haunting, collecting toilet paper)

Let’s make a new virus, the L.O.V.E virus
and send it around the globe and infect all people, animals, plants, insects, all living beings with it! A true love pandemic!

I notice how finally the wall behind the theatre curtains becomes visible. Most of it was an illusion anyway! No more hiding the truth. The criminality of those who corrupt everything becomes visible. For all to see.

Inside, many know exactly what is going on in the world, nothing is as it seems.
No one comes to save. We are our own saviour, the old film has stopped projecting. Never again will we return to the old normality. To what we had only four weeks ago.

Now it’s time for “Judgement”. Disinformation, confusion and chaos is surfing the web and attacking properly. Information warfare is on!!! Every day people come in with questions, they are confused, can’t see the big picture.

Instead of answering every single one, I start podcasts
in which I answer questions and share current truth. You can also meditate with me and bring different topics into balance. My YouTube Channel

What can we do concretely in this time of house arrest? Don’t let yourself be driven crazy! Everything is within ourselves, we best go inside and start with “feeling pure”. Ask yourself: “How do I feel when I am sitting alone at home? How do I feel with the family around me? What patterns of thought are holding me back?” You can now clarify relationships; let go of all the old stuff, emotional patterns, negative thoughts and struggles; connect intensely with #Earth and #Stars. Just BE.

You have always been a perfect being!
Find your core again and activate your self-love! All will be well!

There would be a lot to share. I wonder where the Indigos, the Crystal Children, the Love Warriors are? Are they waiting for it to pass? Do they dream of aliens to come and rescue them? Are they active in the background?

To keep this info mail short I share links below if you want to hear or read more! Regularly I upload podcasts & links to mega interesting videos. https://carolinahehenkamp.com and Youtube channel corona4truth or Youtube channel Carolina Hehenkamp Onenesstravel
Hug, Carolina

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