James McCanney ist ein Astro-Physiker, der eine Radiosendung zur detaillierten Analyse aktueller wissenschaftlicher Ereignisse hat. Ich liebe es ihn zuzuhören, er erklärt recht verständlich komplexe kosmische und irdische Sachen. Er ist ein wahrer Wissenschaftler, der integer sein Weg im Leben gegangen ist. 
Seine Website bietet eine unglaubliche Fülle an Informationen, auch über Wasser, Gesundheit, Wind, Orkane und viele Themen mehr.

James McCanney Website

James McCanney Radio Show Archiv

Lerne die wahren Geschichten über:

Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes

The MANY Planet X Objects

Surviving Planet X Passage

Atlantis to Tesla – The Kolbrin Connection

(note … the only legitimate source for the KOLBRIN is the web internet (www) site  culdiantrust.org with a purchase site thekolbrin.com (MAKE SURE you put the “the” before kolbrin or you end up and an illegitimate clone site) … beware of the bootleg internet books with this name sold on Amazon … they are NOT the Kolbrin … if you were conned into buying one of these internet forgeries send it back and get your money back and get a real Kolbrin from the source listed here)

The Solar System Sun-Earth Connection – Space & Earth Weather

The Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift – The Real Reason Why Our Universe is NOT Expanding

The Plasma Discharge Comet Model

Solar System Formation by Capture 

The Solar Capacitor 

Stellar Surface Fusion

Ball Lightning – Controlled Fusion

The Physics of Tesla Technology

The Electric Universe

Planetary Physics and Weather

Recent Oceans on Mars

Re-Mastered Historical Record Videos My Lectures

20 DVD University Level Astronomy Astro-Physics Space Science Course

What the Japanese Want to Know About Planet X – Japan TV Show Interview

11 Earth Mega-Projects

Water Rights – Who Owns Water

The WING GENERATOR – World Energy Project

Electro-magnetic Propulsion System Designs and The Electric Highways to the Stars

Continuing Galactic Formation Gravitational Collapse and Electric Current Sources

Private Space Program

Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock

Ancient Archaeology – Surveying Ancient Ruins

The Mayan Venus Calendar

The Physics of Ancient Celestial Disasters

The Nazca Lines – Mystery Solved

Aerial Photography – Mapping

110 High Altitude High Resolution Aerial Photos of the American Southwest

The Truth About Comet Hale Bopp

The Harrington Expedition

Mathematical Solutions

Prime Numbers Solutions

Calculate Primes – The Generator Function Direct Calculation of Primes

Breaking RSA Encryption Codes

Number Theory

WINDROIDS 11 O/S – Windows 10 and Android Replacement O/S

Water Filtration Products

Political Corruption Commentary 

World Bank Demise – States Rights

Breaking away from World Bank UN controlled fake Federal Government

Free Living

Nuclear Disaster Earth – Fukushima – over 100 USA Nuclear reactors are leaking – EPA shuts off Radiation Detectors nationwide to cover up nuclear contamination

 Chem Trails on site research

Weather and Climate Engineering

Infiltration of the Geo-Engineering Climate Change “movement”

Ecuador Earth Quakes and Rods from God nuclear weapons

Election Fraud Mathematical Analysis 

Das obige ist eine sehr unvollständige Liste von Themen und laufenden Forschungen