Chapter 13

My Personal Experience with Barefoot Earthing
Although I was familiar with Barefoot Earthing from Hawaii, I knew nothing at all about the various systems they had developed over the past few years. After all, I was never in need of them, since I lived next to the ocean and was barefoot all the time. In the worst case I had my faithful Birkenstock’s on.

At the beginning of this book I told you that my situation changed involuntarily and suddenly and I was separated from the earth, nature, the sea, mountains and beaches. This situation was to last more than a year because of intensive treatment on my broken hand, arm and elbow. In this way, I was literally forced to discover new ways that would help me stay fit and healthy, even though most of the time I had to rest in an apartment and was literally “locked up”.

At some point I remembered about the grounding mats or sheets that you could lay in bed to ground yourself while sleeping. They would be connected to the earth via a wire. So I remembered to have seen the American “Earthing-System” for the apartment once and ordered immediately the necessary products in the Internet. After reading about this system, I realized that I could use the grounding of the building by connecting the cable to the grounding outlet in the bathroom or kitchen.

Since this large telecommunications tower, which activated cell phones over a large distance, was located on the roof of that building, I despaired, especially at night, when I felt the microwaves penetrating heavily. Although I was familiar with these radiations, I had to deal with them in a completely new way. Technology and WiFi development had progressed at a fast pace when I lived smog-free in the Pacific.

I will not allow them to “microwave” me.
When I moved from Munich to Schwalmtal, the most important thing was to find a house without a cell phone tower nearby. When finally I found a big house with a garden, after 6 months I was struck by lightning. A farmer, about 200 meters from my house, had sold a piece of land to build a huge cell phone tower on it.

Right now you could say that “everyone must have a cell phone”, and of course that’s true! But living so close to a communication tower is quite dangerous for your health. Since I was working full-time as a lightworker and healing therapist at the time, I decided to contact the mast and its radiations, and intuitively got shown some remedial techniques that worked great. I had to energetically build a wall between the house and the mast. This technique worked well as long as I lived there. But I was challenged to be conscious and to clean and activate the energies weekly.

After one year I noticed how suddenly other frequency microwaves were emitted in addition, always in the early morning while we were still half asleep. These new microwaves always lasted only 30 to 35 minutes, but they penetrated deep into my system. I learned to protect myself quite well, but I felt sorry for the neighbors and children who lived on my street.

The grounding sheet works
I got the grounding sheet I ordered right away and was able to connect it immediately. (To the grounding pole in the outlet, which was in the bathroom). Excited and curious, I went to sleep in the evening. I had only been living there for five weeks, but I lay awake every night sweating and boiling hot (especially on my head and lower spine, where the Kundalini is located) from 3:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. and felt myself being irradiated. I could not interpret the frequencies well because I was so energetically affected, but they were in no way loving radiations. I fell asleep immediately that first night and continued to sleep all night. When I got up the next day I was pleasantly surprised how much fitter and more refreshed I felt than usual. I must have made a brilliant decision.

In the weeks that followed, I sat for hours during the day on a smaller grounding mat that I grounded through a grounded outlet and clearly noticed the difference, especially when watching TV or working on my computer. I rotated feet and arms and after a week noticed how my “radiation problem” was resolving. Three months later, I did a biofeedback treatment with the Scio* to verify it and was grateful to see how healthy, active and hard-working my body had become.

Electron Deficit Compensation
We have several ways to compensate for the electron deficit. One simple way is to eat anti-oxidant-rich foods and drink plenty of living water. When we receive free electrons from the earth, it acts like a natural healing cure. It is so simple and the effect is so profound.

In the beginning, you may feel a little uncomfortable temporarily, perhaps developing flu-like symptoms, similar to a homeopathic treatment. In practically all cases, this passes quite quickly. These symptoms are caused by the detoxification and regulation process. The moment this process starts, the body begins to eliminate accumulated toxins and this can manifest itself as temporary malaise.

I felt much fresher after a few days and felt how my meridians were better balanced and the feeling of being “fried or cooked” at night from microwaves ceased. All electrical charges were now immediately discharged through the earth connection while I slept. I had serious internal injuries to my legs, knees and feet from the accident and what was interesting was that my back pain and partially numb thighs recovered super fast.

Trees help with grounding
When we hug a tree, we are immediately grounded. The tree is a living timber that contains electrolytes and water, allowing it to conduct electricity and ground us. If we stick a metal rod in the ground and touch it with our hand or foot, we are grounded. If we repeat this every day, it has a tremendous impact on our well-being. We would be protected against the damage of free radicals and EMF, as our electromagnetic energy field becomes lower in frequency, making us more resistant. When the EMF radiation hits us it can flow right on into the earth and the earth can absorb an infinite quantity of this radiation.

Barefoot phone call
If we make a phone call with our smartphone while standing barefoot on the earth, we get less radiation! Of course, in many cases this is not possible, but we could consciously seek ways to make this earth connection, which would allow us to live healthier lives if we have to be on the phone a lot for work.

Meanwhile, I travel with a specialized grounding sleeping bag that I can use anywhere, by plugging the cord into a ground-derivative outlet. Although I find it hard to prove scientifically, I felt my body functioned better and this electrons transfer had a favorable effect on internal inflammatory processes.

Negative charges are also used to regulate bacterial infestations. Nature has solved this problem by providing us with conductive systems that supply electrons to all parts of the body through the feet, wonderfully provided by nature. Thanks to the Earth, these negative charges were always available and prevented inflammatory processes from damaging healthy tissues. I would like to invite you to take off your shoes and sit barefoot in the park, in the garden or at the water, so that Mother Earth can do her work!