Hello dear friends, clients and travelers

2024 is going to be an exciting year with lots of global events and also our wonderful Peru & Bolivia Adventure + Culture tour to the lands of the Q´ero, the Inka and Aymara peoples scheduled in October.

As all travelling slowed down in the last years our newsletter about tours, trips, exiting countries to visit slowed down as well. But…. reservations have started,


People are on fire in 2024 and want to travel. Many are longing to see new parts of our beautiful globe and experience more about the ways of the  indigenous cultures and ancient archeological sites, build 10-thousands of years ago, to taste other foods and to visit the amazing nature, the high Andes mountains with their snow tops, the Machu Picchu tropical gardens.

So here we go again in 2024…..

Sending to you a regular travel newsletter with information, tour stories, updates,  pictures and videos, answers to questions and…. amazing background stories.

But first all info about our October 2024 PERU & BOLIVIA TOUR

Date: October 12. – 26/27

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How to Reserve Your Spot:

I opened bookings in Januari for this Peru & Bolivia Tour. Reservations and bookings are coming in. I am really looking forward to you all to come on a marvelous experience, in which ancient knowledge and wisdom under the reigns of Pacha Mama will be guiding us.

Indigenous guides and some Q´ero Masters of Light will be with us, will guide us and will let us participate in their way of Pacha Mama ceremonies, of blessings and how they live for hundreds of years respecting our earth, which is so important for us to learn in these modern times.

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Direct to the reservation & booking Form:

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Stories & Information about the Q´ero Tribes on my website:

you can also read some parts in my book about traveling with large groups

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Videos of Ceremonies, Trips, Peru or Bolivia

You find on my Youtube-Kanal:

You want to come and have questions? Please email me, or make a Pre-Reservation to ensure your spot. We always can plan a short zoom or skype call.

Greetings & Blessing

Carolina Hehenkamp

PS: in the last two years I studied a lot about how telepathy and frequency sending and receiving really works. As we work with the aura, the chakras, the globalists, medicine, technology work as well with them, but call them differently, like biofield, hacking human tissue etc. My main goal is finding healing solutions for all of us, for many are stuck with debilitating immune systems and illnesses and fatique. I am thinking of starting a Substack Blog behind a pay wall, as most of my information will be deleted as many of my youtube videos were! Let me know if you are interested!  E-Mail