Q´ero Info:

I have worked for many years now on my group tours to Peru with many of the Q´ero shamans and wisdomkeepers, as I invite them to come with my groups to Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley, so we can be for one week with them and do ceremonies and gahterings every day.

The Q´ero tribe lives high up isolated in the Andean mountains at 4200 to 4400 meters and are often called the Masters of the Living Energy, as modern life did not come to their door. The speak Quechua and in their Andean Spiritual Tradition the 3 worlds and the Andean Cosmology are important. They dialoque directly with the stars, the spirits of the mountains, nature and reach multiple levels of wisdom.

Their message is: “our work as humans is to have a complete life, to have a real relationship with the Pacha Mama, with Mother Earth, to have a real relationship with everything in the world, everything.



We will offer following Ceremonies-Blessings:

1. Q´ero Pacha Mama ceremony for groups   ceremony 30 – 100 participants

First evening + second day afternoon or evening

For hundreds of years, the high shamans or wisdomkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru have used the despacho ceremony for blessings for Mother Earth, her elements and for healings like physical and emotional illnesses, to restore balance and harmony, or as expression of gratitude for life and death.

The Q´ero despacho is an offering comprised of a variety of natural items, arranged like a mandala on white paper. It holds symbolic elements and more important it holds “intent and prayers”. As the despacho is slowly build up, with flowers, sacred artifacts, precious foods like sugar, herbs, corn, coca leaves, but also money and feathers, the Q´ero pray to honor Pacha Mama, the divine feminine, nature and pray for the participants. It is a living prayer, that brings healing, harmony and change. The despacho is burnt in a sacred fire and the energy set free.

2-3 hours / minimum of 25 participants



2. Q´ero Kuti ceremony for small groups of 8-12 participants

Next morning 2 Kuti groups

The Kuti is a cleansing ceremony against bad energies. The kuti and a following despacho are for problems regarding love, money or health

1 ½ hours / minimum 8 participants



3. Q´ero Munayki ceremony for small groups of 8-12 participants

Next day 1 Munayki group

The Munayki ceremony consists of a ceremony of alignment of energetic chakras of the body.

1 ½ hours p minimum 8 participants


4. Q´ero personal despacho ceremony

Only when there is an extra day at the event

1. Despacho ceremony for business, health, work. This is a private personal ceremony.

1- 1/2hours / 160 p/p


2. MUNAYKI ceremony is personal private one-on-one ceremony, balancing the chakra system

1- 1/2 hours / 160 p/p


5. classes how you can create and make a Q´ero despacho offering

for Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth and for your friend and family

1 ½ hours / minimum 8 participants

The Tour starts June 19 with participation in a great event June 19 -21 near Bodensee (location in work!)

more information soon!