In October we will be back again to Peru, the land of the Q’ero-Inca Shamans, the Aymara Masters, of ancient mystical power places, sun temples and archaeological findings. Many of these are estimated to be over 12,000 years old and show us our earthly and galactic past. As always on my travels, local Peruvian Q’eros Masters of the Living Energy and Inca shamans, spiritual guides and local Indios accompany us, to offer us deep insights into the ancient pre-Colombian culture and its secrets.

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Day 0
You arrive at Cusco airport, transfer to our hotel in Cusco city. As international flights are quite long and tiring, you have this day off to sleep and get used to the high altitude. Cusco is at 3400 m.

Day 1
Breakfast at the hotel. Later in the morning we meet with the group in the hotel lounge. After a Peruvian lunch we drive to a natural power place to greet the Cosmic Mother “Pacha Mama” and her guardians of the earth, the mountains and the elements. This first ceremony, led by several Q´ero Inca Shaman Elders, is always impressive and intense. In this ceremony we ask Pacha Mama for permission and protection. At the beginning of the journey it is optimal to express your personal intention. In the evening we can have dinner together. However, some always prefer to go to bed (jet lag!), so free choice!(F/L)

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning the bus takes us from Cusco to the Sacred Valley. We visit different Inka temples and villages and enjoy a great lunch buffet right on the famous Urubamba River. Our hotel for the night is located in the Sacred Valley (F/L/D)

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we visit Ollantaytambo, an ancient temple complex with a large sun gate. Silent meditation above. After lunch in the village, we have a little free time before we take the famous Inca Trail Train to Machu Picchu. Our hotel is located in Machu-Picchu/Aquas Calientes. Dinner at the hotel. (F/L/D)

Day 4
The Machu Picchu shuttle bus takes us to the famous temple city of the condor “Machu Picchu”, one of the 7th wonders of the world. Machu Picchu lies at about 2400 meters well hidden in the Andes. We are up there all day visiting the different temples, the Inca wall and the Temple of the Sun. We are guided by Q’ero shamans or local guides. We will be at the right place at the right time.

We will visit the Temple of the Condor, the Moon and ceremonies will be spontaneously held at different power places if possible. (Ceremonies have unfortunately been banned at most public places, especially since 2012)

Machu Picchu has a strong energy field and you get enough free time to go to the right places of your choice. For lunch we meet in the restaurant of Machu Picchu. After lunch you can return by shuttle to our hotel, visit the market in Aquas Calientes or stay in the Machu Picchu site. Dinner at the hotel (F/L/D)

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning we take the Inca Trail train back and take our bus back to Cuzco, where we arrive in the afternoon. You have free time for shopping or sightseeing. (F)

Day 6
Today is a special day. We travel to the holy Snow Mountain Ausangate of the Q’ero, about 100 km. from Cusco. The bus can drop us off quite high, but we continue our journey on foot or horseback. The Q’ero shamans await us with a Pachamama ceremony, which is a special experience in this untouched nature.

We are close to the sky and the energy here is very pure! Our lunch, dinner and overnight stay is with the Qeros. It is easy, but a real adventure to spend time with your community in their own world. We have a picnic in the nature, near lagoons, surrounded by snowy mountain peaks. And … is cold, but the sun is shining most days.

Day 7
After breakfast we stay a little with the Q’ero shamans in the Andes and travel back to Cusco. (F/L)

Day 8
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we go by bus from Cusco to Puno at Lake Titicaca. We visit different temples and power places on the way. We see the statues of the Tiwanaku / Puma Punku culture in Pukara and others (B/L/D) Our hotel is located near Lake Titicaca. Dinner at the hotel. (F/L/D)

Day 9
Breakfast at the hotel. We take a boat trip and visit the famous Uros Island and Taquile in Lake Titicaca. The Uros tribes live on islands and are known worldwide as the manufacturers of the Lake Titicaca ships. On the lake we hold a “Dreamtime” Pachamama ceremony to connect with the water. Lunch on an island, dinner at the hotel. (F/L/D)

Day 10
Breakfast at the hotel. The bus takes us to the Amuru Muru. The trail symbolizes the path of the puma and the Amuru Muru gate the condor. We continue to Copacabana, a hippie village at Lake Titicaca. Our hotel is in Copacabana. Lunch in nature, dinner in Copacabana (F/L/D)

Day 11
Breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning our ship is waiting in the harbour to take us to the sun island. The Sun Island is an ancient sacred place. We visit the sun temple “Pilcocaina” and walk a path over the sun island to the hotel. Overnight stay, lunch and dinner at the hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 12
Breakfast at the hotel. After walking down the Inca stairs to Lake Titicaca, we take the fishing boat to the “Sacred Crystal City” which is located in the middle of the lake. In 2000, scientists discovered ancient ruins and ancient structures on the bottom of Lake Titicaca, many of which have been identified as temples.

Everywhere there are entrances to the underground tunnel system, which was built by the 1st generation on earth. We drive to the north coast, hike to Pre-Inca Chincana Temples. Dinner and overnight stay in our hotel on the sun island (B/Lunch Box/D)

Day 13
Breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning we start our return journey. By boat, then by bus we go to the airport of Juliaca, a little north of Lake Titicaca. Return flight to Lima. (F)

Depending on your return flight to Europe you may need an overnight stay in Lima, or you can fly on immediately.


Important Information:

Cost: (to be announced when exact dates are confirmed)
minimum 12 and maximum 34 participants.

Included are always all hotel accommodation with breakfast, almost all meals, all transportation by train, bus, boat, all guides, ceremonies, accompaniment and teachings by Q’ero shamans, power place/pyramid access tickets, island access permits, meditations & lectures.


A participant wrote to me: “For me the South America trip was also a turning point. That was years ago, and so many things have changed since then. I have changed. Exactly this BEING (without WANTING “something”) is very easy for me. Who would have thought that”