So many people channel all kind of guides, ascended masters, but do they really??

It is absolute necessary to test the true identity of ALL SPIRITS OR BEINGS, alleged dead relatives or pet animals, so called Spirit Guides, Pleiadians, Star Gods, dead Saints, Angels, Goddesses, Aliens, Intergalactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Fairies, etc…

You Have To Test ALL Spirits!

 When I started to work with groups with the unseen in 1991, I got many messages, cool ones, boring ones, from different beings. I asked them if they came from light before I connected to them. My lightbody training with Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer in America (Luminessence / Awakening the Lightbody Teacher) taught me to be very precise and to be extremely careful. In 1993 my inner guidance told me to stop channeling for other people. When you channel for others there is always, and always will be, a filter that influences the messages.

Instead I should teach them to use their own skills, their own channel with their higher self and use that to channel for themselves and use their discernment. This worked well for me for over 20 years.

You should know that in the supernatural realms, all that glitters is not gold! You’ll have noticed an increase in workshops during the last 10+ years teaching people how to contact their angel or use Angel Cards. Or classes in how to become a medium and attempt to contact ‘dead’ people or animals.

I noticed that the channelings before 1995 were much better, clearer and more supporting as the ones after. In the 2000s it became more like a farce, just repeating the same superficial messages.

Even with discernment it is difficult to know if the spirits or beings are really from the light, the power to conceive is so enormous, that even trained people must be careful and started to control if they are from God the Creator!

Perhaps you know that the darkness can not be in a field of love, they just vanish, disappear. But it is not easy to create a real field of love, most people do not have the power to create it. So questioning the spirit that comes to you, asking if it is of the real God, the Creator, could help.

Met an Angel of Light??? Don´t be mislead!

Often evil is veiled by great deception. Things that give the appearance of being good and sweet can sometimes be just the opposite.

In some of my own educational trainings the story of the fallen Angels, the disguise of Satan as an Angel of Light and his wish to control the world was mentioned and discussed. (Aura-Soma / different Masters)

Living on Easter Island and other Pacific Islands I have seen how people can connect to dark deceiving spirits and send them after you or others. They are there and real!

Spirits love good believing people, that want to go on an esoteric, spiritual path, as they are easy prey. The dark force and its club members can try to appear to us, impersonating one of God’s angels, or a dead relative, etc. and are often successful.

Spirits are masters of disguise and can change their identity easily. And they do & don´t tell you!

If any so called ‘angel’ ever appears to you, please test it, for your own safety and the safety of your friends and clients, to ensure that he truly is one of God’s Angels of Light.

Whether an entity claims to be just a ‘healing energy,’ a goddess, an angel, an orb, a dead (or alive) human, or animal spirit, fairy, alien, spirit guide, unicorn or any mythological creature or calls itself Luzifer, test it! Confront it, don´t get into a discussion!

Even if it’s energies feel as if it’s full of peace and love, please still challenge it. So many of my students and clients have told me they tested it and dramatic results were seen.

Christians have found a proper way to test the beings, as they can´t stay in the light of Jesus Christ, but only in the light of the real one, not the Christ Consciousness concept. (which is a made up deception by the New Age). So if you believe in Jesus Christ you can pray to him and ask the spirit if he is with him. You will have a surprising experience.  A spirit that is not of the light of the Creator will become angry, starts screaming, becomes violent, your body starts to move and you can feel sometimes even physical pain. But you can command the entity to leave you, it will vanish, it has to.

Once you are a vessel for high frequencies, having cleansed your personal issues, patterns, fears and blockages, you will notice they do not want to come to you any more as your light is hurting them.

Test such experiences with the name of Jesus. But we advise people to call on the REAL Jesus  Christ of Nazareth, from the bible, not just any old Jesus or the Christ consciousness concept! Jesus willingly died on the cross for us, was resurrected from the dead, then ascended into heaven in bodily form.

No other Jesus did that. No other human ever did that! Jesus Christ is ALIVE today, and demons still submit to His name. One drop of the precious blood of Jesus still avails today! It still has power to defeat demons, hallelujah!

In my Lightbody Trainings many spirits were made to leave, it was hurtful, always a strong experience for all the participants, and those ready to coop with this stuff stayed in the room, the others had to leave, it was to much for them.

So please, TEST