Did giants live in silicone based atmospheres?? Was the world Silicon based and not Carbon based, so giants could live in those times? And everything was big and giant?

Is this one of the reasons the powers-to-be want CO2 to be eliminated from our world?

Here is a 4 minutes trailer introducing you to a larger series of Tartarian Empire films, which you can book online to watch.  I visited many sites in Four-corners and the Canyons in the US  and also in South America where you feel the energy of the giant trees and their connection with source.

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(Clip From) The Tartarian Empire 2: Remnant Power – https://www.goodlion.tv/
giant trees


Tartary or Tartaria is a historical name for Central Asia and Siberia. Ignorance surrounding Tartary‘s use as a place name has spawned pseudohistorical conspiracy theories including ideas of a “hidden past” and “mud floods“. Such theories assert that Tartary (or the “Tartarian Empire”) was a lost civilization with advanced technology and culture. This ignores the well-documented history of Asia, which Tartary refers to.[1] In the present day, the Tartary region covers a region spanning from central Afghanistan to northern Kazakhstan, as well as areas in present MongoliaChina and the Russian Far East in “Chinese Tartary“.


The theory of Great Tartaria as a suppressed lost land or civilization originated in Russia, with aspects first appearing in Anatoly Fomenko’s New chronology, and then popularized by the racial occult history of Nikolai Levashov. In Russian pseudoscience, known for its nationalism, Tartaria is presented as the “real” name for Russia, which was maliciously “ignored” in the West.[2][3] The Russian Geographical Society has debunked the conspiracy theory as an extremist fantasy, and far from denying the existence of the term, has used the opportunity to share numerous maps of “Tartary” in its collection.[4] Since about 2016, conspiracy theories about the supposed lost empire of “Tartaria” have gained popularity on the Internet, divorced from its original Russian nationalist frame.[5]