Dr. Gabriel Cousens: What is the special food that spiritual teachers have all eaten? Beyond Spiritual Nutrition and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine is the food of Consciousness itself. Ultimately everyone interested in spiritual life must find a food that elevates their consciousness and supports their highest understanding – that food is Consciousness. This means that we must live our lives in a manner that constantly immerses us in the food of Consciousness.

We create our lives from our thoughts and words, so we should surround ourselves with thoughts and words that connect us to the meaning of life. Words that connect us to the Divine, to love, to peace, to oneness, to joy, to compassion, and to understanding. When we surround ourselves with those thoughts and words, then we elevate our consciousness. Today, we see what happens in our society when people surround themselves with words of hatred, violence, and separation. The result is the spread of hatred, violence, and separation. In surrounding ourselves with words of consciousness, the result is unity, peace, and harmony.

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was silent and became thought which became action. These are all connected and are a flow that happens. The flow begins on the inner worlds before expressing outwardly. It begins with the deeper essence of who we are and begins to rise up and is eventually articulated in our speech. It doesn’t start with our tongue. It ends with our tongue. Consciousness to thoughts to words to actions.

The ultimate spiritual food is Consciousness. How do we develop this Consciousness? How do we cultivate and harvest this garden? It is a way of life. It is the Sevenfold Peace and the Six Foundations. These make thirteen, which is the Scalar Wave energies.

The Sevenfold Peace begins with a healthy, peaceful body – a body not at war with itself. This means live food vegan diet and exercise. Then we move to a quiet mind. What makes a quiet mind? It helps to begin with a quiet body, but meditation, prayer, and repeating The Name all create a quiet mind. Then we move to loving, peaceful relationships, which one needs a quiet mind to sustain. From peace with the family comes peace with the community. We can see today in the world chaos and discord in communities.

Where does this come from? It is the result of chaotic, discordant consciousness. It begins in the mind and moves out into relationships. We as a society have to determine if we’re going to cultivate a collective consciousness that creates quiet minds, or are we going to fan the flames of anger and violence that stem from a disharmonious consciousness. It takes years to change consciousness, but when consciousness is balanced, then it immediately creates balanced thoughts, words, and actions. What we see in today’s world didn’t start yesterday. It began with a shift in diet and lifestyle many years ago that created an agitated consciousness which led to violent thoughts and words and now actions in community.

Communities affect cultures. Positive food yields harmony between cultures. In the 60s, when I was living in Harlem, there was real harmony. Leaders like Martin Luther King played a huge role in that. He taught people to see past superficialities such as skin color. His energy brought real, tangible peace and harmony to how people felt and thought about things, not only socially, but also ecologically too.

We have the capacity for peace, but there are forces that agitate the mind. We have other forces, forces of the Divine, that activate peace, open-heartedness, and connection between humans, and this affects the whole society for good. In any generation, these forces can prevail and flip consciousness in either direction. If we focus on our consciousness and on the consciousness of future generations, we can bring back that inherent peacefulness. The primal instinct in humans, contrary to Freud’s theory of sex and death, is actually God. God is the most primal human instinct, followed by the urge to merge with God, the power of love, and the power of peace. These are the deeper aspects of human nature, and, when our consciousness is clear, we can begin to access that truth, because that is the truth of who we are. The dark side tries to convince us that hate and evil is the truth, and people become confused and act on this lie. When we begin eating the food of enlightenment, the food of liberation, the food of oneness, peace, love, and the Divine, we begin to generate actions that elevate not only ourselves but all of society.

Today we are witnessing the dark side’s death rattle. This allows us to see the demonic quality of where life can go if we aren’t paying attention. We’ve allowed other people to control the thought-forms of the masses and program them with negativity, demonic thinking, and hatred, and these will be the fruits of that programming. However, if we take responsibility for our consciousness, our thoughts, and our words, in leading to outer actions, and if we begin eating the food of higher levels of Consciousness, that food will fuel actions that really elevate love, peace, and quality of life of all humanity.

We have choices, and we have to think long term. It starts with us. Whom do we allow to influence our minds? Whom are we listening to? As we actively select our inputs and protect ourselves from dark side influences, then we’ll be open to the food of Consciousness, of liberation, of spiritual expansion. We have to be thoughtful about what we read. It doesn’t mean just food, as we learn in Conscious Eating.

May everyone be blessed that we begin actively practicing imbibing the food of Consciousness, to elevate our consciousness and the consciousness of the world. May we be blessed with rapid success.
Shalom Shalom Shalom. Shanti Shanti Shanti. Aho Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ.

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